Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prairie Skies & Yoga

I cast on on Monday for the mystery socks by the very talented picnicknits on Ravelry. A clue is released each by the designer in the form of a portion of the pattern. The clues run for four and at the end . . . . you will have completed a pair of gorgeous hand-knit socks. I chose some lovely lilac Tonal yarn from Knit Picks, and called my project Prairie Skies - the yarn just reminded me of one of the stunning skies that we get to see over the prairies. So, at the end of clue one . . . here is my sock so far . . . .

The yarn is actually more pinky lilac that the bluey lilac in the photo.

I've also recently taken up yoga. It is something that I have thought about for some time, and after one of my colleagues mentioned that she was going at lunchtime from work - I thought that I would join. I have been for three sessions so far - it looks as though twice a week will work well, and it is great. I certainly feel better for it - more stretched and relaxed. I have muscles where I did not realize muscles existed - and I only know that as I am so sore! Having lost 37lbs with Weight Watchers, I am hoping that this will tone me up, and help me lose the last 30lbs :o) It has certainly opened up a whole new world and I look forward to finding out more about this past time!