Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trossocks & Somewhere Down the Lazy River

I've finally got round to releasing two more free patterns - Trossocks and Somewhere Down the Lazy River. They were both test knit on Ravelry, and here is the info on them:


In my head, where quite frankly this is plenty of space, I have this vision of Mr. D’Arcy striding across the moors with a kilt swinging in the breeze (hey, it’s my vision!) wearing a handsome pair of cream hand-knitted socks with cables and textured stitches. Sigh . . . ! I, of course, am waiting for him in front of a burning log fire in my matching socks (lilac for me please) – the perfect unisex footwear!

This lovely pattern, which suits all Mr. D’Arcy’s and his ladies alike, is made up of a pair of cables that run down the side of the sock and then split with two following the top of the foot and the other two bordering the heel flap. The centre front and back panels have a simple but effective textured pattern that keeps your attention without detracting from the Mr. D’Arcy vision. This is a cuff-down heel-flap sock with a wedge toe using the beautiful and economical Knit Picks Palette. Enjoy!

Somewhere Down the Lazy River

You believe that dropping stitches could be a design feature? Check!

Well, these socks could be for you! The drop stitch pattern reminds me of water running down a slow moving stream, meandering around rocks that are in the way. The yarn works really well with this pattern, but don’t restrict yourself to blues and greens :o)

The pattern is a fun, quick to knit, 20 row repeat. It is quite a loose fitting sock as extra stitches are used and dropped. Stitches should only be counted after rounds 9, 10, 19 or 20. It is a top down/heel flap design.

Both pattern can be downloaded for free if you are a Ravelry member, or for just $1.99 from my Etsy site. All proceeds from the sales of patterns on Etsy will be donated to my local greyhound rescue organization, SAGAA, and MacMillan Nurses.


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