Friday, October 29, 2010


A common problem for many sock knitters is SSS (second sock syndrome) - in other words, they have completed one sock and for some reason they loose their mojo and the sock sits in the knitting basket all lonely . . . . . well, I thought that it was time for me to check out my own WIPs (work in progress) and see how things were looking. Oh goodness - 11 pairs waiting for a partner. To be fair for some of them I've only knit the cuff and one or two pattern repeats, so I guess that's really FSS (first sock syndrome!), but I have 11 pairs started that I would like to complete :o) A couple of pairs relate to patterns that I was going to sell on Knit Picks, but either I was not too enamored, or they weren't. I actually have three patterns for sale:

Ramage Socks

Funny Valentine Socks

3rd Dog Socks

So, dear readers, my commitment to you is to complete one SSS project per month. For October I'll be finishing off the socks for Sharon that I mentioned in my previous post, and November, hmmm, not sure yet but I will announce the 'winner' on November 1st!

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